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Here are some sayings of hope written by great people. They were faced by smillar sitiuations like you. May be you have lossed a parent who was all you had to live for. May be it was a brother or a sister who was all had left to look up to. May be you lossed a kid who was the last thing that was left to keep a particular memory fresh in your head. May be you buisness crumbled at your feet. Whaterver the case is this saying are going to bost you up. They will fill you with what you are loosing. They will give you

1-HPOE. "Never give up. Expect only the best from life and take action to get it."
Catherine Pulsifer

Like this quote says even when you are facing the worst of moments never give up. when you loose all you have never give up. when all around you looks like its not going never give up. 
always strive for the best. when you go for the best keep on fighting till you get it dont back down or relent your efforts cause the harder you try the closer you go towards achieving it. i tell you one day you will get a hold of it. 

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  2-“The birds of hope are everywhere, listen to them sing.”
 Terri Guillemets

some times we may be too crushed by circumstances such that we dont seem to see the realities of life any longer. friends may come by, relatives may invite us, even colleagues at work may come by but we will be too deff to listen. at such moments we need to be open minded and listen to them for all those who come by us duiring such moments have blessings for us.

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