Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Friend Recipe

What is to ba a friend. what defines a friend for you? I am sure that you may have your own friends and therefore your own definition of what makes a friend. How many definitions are there?

Common Traits
One definition is that a friend is someone who you enjoy because of his or her common traits similar to your own. These traits mean that you can find common ground to talk about or share as in a certain type of hobby or sport or reading club.

Workplace Friends
There are also those people we call friends at our place of work. These are colleagues that we like to talk to during our breaks, or socialize during work hours with a little friendly banter, or those we prefer to go to lunch with. These kinds of friends we very seldom see out of the workplace except during office or company functions.

Vacation Friends
Then, there are friends who you may have met on a vaccation where you ended up spending considerable time with doing various activities whether that was at a resort, or on board a cruise ship. These are the kind of friends that you promised to stay in touch with after the vacation was over, and may have received a couple of emails or phone calls from you. But, these are the type of friends that are soon forgotten as we go about our life being involved more with the other type of friends spoken about previously.

No Matter What
Then, there is a friend and a companion who is always there for you no matter where you are, who you are, or what happens in your life. These happenings can be the most severe there is to confront and deal with but this friend and total companion never forsakes you, never leaves when times are really tough, or casts you off to go it alone. This friend you will find in Jesus - a friend and companion who always is there no matter the time or circumstance. This is a friend you can speak to openly and honestly. A friend who gives you relief through faith; a friend who forgives graciously without prejudice. When earthly friends may be tested or leave you or are unwilling or unable to respond to your concerns, God is there with you forever.

There Is More To Gain
In the end, there is more to gain by being a friend and having a good friend than not having or being one yourself. To be a friend to someone who is also one to you is a very flowing two-way street. The street can only work when the lights are green both ways.

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