Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Life is full of many different types of people who bring about many different circumstances. Some make us to be very happy, some make us to be sad and some add value to our life.
This is an open letter to you. In whatever way you are now just know that it is for a reason. may be you expected love, care and somany other pleasures but got nothing in return.  may be you got a break up that took away your HOPE.
Hear me now all hope is not lost there is still too much you can do. Any sitiuation we find our selves in as long as we live is a spring board for another level. It all depends on the way you see it. If you see it as a way to "give up" and loose HOPE  then you will definitely give up. Here me now  i had a relationship i was into and it was like the day it endS i will die, but like every thing that is not for you it will definetly go no matter how hard you try to keep it. I was left in my own house all alone. I felt like i should take my life but i didnt; i saw it as a spring board for me to go to my next level. Gradually i overcame it and i fannaly met the best person who was meant for me.
You reading this leter know that all is not over know that there is much for you to do; wheather you are rolling in millions or wailing in poverty just know that you can get out and move to a more better level. All those who are cellebrated today are celebrated because they accepted to make the difference. you too should stand out and get your name to the anals of history.
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