Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Many people have talents and gifts and potentials loaded deep in them. Many give those potentials to be used but many let those potentials to lie dormant in them. We are each created  in our own way and God has filled us with different potentials gifts and talents. All we need to do is to activate that gift or that potential or that talent; the are meant to be expressed and made known to the world. You are the way you are and doing the things you are doing because you don't know you are far much better than that. a prince does not mingle with commoners because he knows that he is far above the level of the commoners. If you know that you are bigger and greater than what you are now you will change the way you carry your self   around; you  will change the kind of things you do and above all your personality will change. You reading this know that you are not a product of biological mistake; you are wonderfully and beautifully made by God for a unique reason. There are no two same people like you; you the only one with the character physique and moral. Dont let the enemy give you reasons to do what is wrong for money fame or what ever condition he may put. It is not late to stop what you are doing. it is not late to change, just make up your mind now for Gods future for you is the best. Jesus Christ is the only way the truth and the life he loves you your life and your soul. do not be deceived time is short and time is gone. make the healthy decision today and have the rest of your life in contentment and enjoyment. Jesus Christ is real answer his call and all shall be well with you.  
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