Monday, September 21, 2015


Many people have stayed where they are and are doing what they are doing because they have refused to take that first and most important step. Nothing is easy; but when done brings great fulfillment and joy. What is that thing in your mind that you are planning to stop or planing to do. Are you planing to start a fabulous and well paying business or to write a book or even to stop that bad habit that you are doing presently. what ever it is just take that step which will enable you do it. I am talking as somebody who was once caught up in this same dragnet. I  used to drink and smoke and it made it impossible for me to take care of my needs and that of my siblings i would waste all the money i get on drinking and smoking. today i do it no more. Somebody might say i just stopped it because i was not addicted to; it but believe me it was part of my life if i didn't smoke or drink then i felt like dying the next moment. what made it easy for me to stop it was the fact that i took the first step. this step was hard for me to take but i finally stooped it. on my own accord; i could not do it but i met this man who transformed my life. HE took me from the dust and made me a hero. today i am a counselor who help people who suffer from similar things which i had gone through. my friend this man is JESUS CHRIST he made my life a new and believe me he can do the same for you. he can help you take that first step and go with you till the very end without stopping. May be its a project you want to start and you are scared of taking that first step trust me he will see you to the end if you take that step with him.  JESUS CHRIST is ready to see you through it. May be it is an addiction you are trying to stop and its like it just cant go; believe me JESUS CHRIST is ready to help you take that first step which will get you out of that situation. He loves you so much just open up to him and he will help you out. Don't be contented with your present level. what God has is plan for you is far bigger than this present level in which you are. May be He planned that you are going to have a fleet of cars yet you are contented with the single car you have. he is ready to help you go to your next level. a level far greater and far bigger than what and where you are now. Just cling to  JESUS CHRIST and he will see you out and help you take that first step that will take you to the next level of your life.

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