Thursday, September 24, 2015


Who says that where you are is the best you can be or become? whoever told you that or who ever made you to believe that where you are is the best you can achieve is merely deceiving you. You can go and do far much better than what and who you are now. You just need to believe that true you ca do far better than what you are now; believe that you can go to a higher and far better level compared to what and who you are now. trust that one and only one person can take you to that level. he is going to take you to that level a no cost. that person is the almighty JESUS CHRIST. This man can hold your hand and take you to your best position in life. may be you think that having a car and a house which you own now is the best position for you. or the fact that you eat and have the daily needs; and even that which you save. don't be contented with where you are have the desire to be better than that which you are now because that is Gods desire for you. my friend may be situations are hitting and tying you down. or may be there is something you are expecting and it is not coming. this cause you to be weighed out as days pass. am telling you now that those are all tricks by the enemy to make you feel that that is the best level you can attain my friend that is not true. There is your true level ahead of you. just cling to God and he will with the help of his son JESUS CHRIST take you to that place where your imagination is showing you. that place where you dream of  and the place where you will be celebrated. my friend believe me you are better. you are better.

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