Monday, October 12, 2015


Most at times we tend to feel that living alone and doing what you feel is correct alone is what that matters much in life. hear me now TWO ARE FAR BETTER THAN ONE. Try to find somebody who will join you so you have a tag team, to work on; and go on with that particular thing you are doing. You may feel that this applies to those who are still single or those who have nothing to do with others; hear me now even if you are married you still need somebody to get council from; you still need somebody who you can tag with and do something which will take you to the next level of your lives like husband and wife. You may be single and you already have all you need for your life. hear me now you need somebody to tag with. Somebody who will complement you in just every thing you do. Let me tell you now; whether you are single, a family or even an institution you need somebody to tag and cling to. On your own you cannot do it all; but believe me when you tag with somebody even the hardest thing to do become very easy to do. I know somebody reading this is saying to his or her self  humans are very UNRELIABLE that's true we humans have a nature that makes us very unreliable. We are natural and that's what makes us the people we are. We are so dynamic that it is hard to predict and even when; we are know it is hard to really trust what we know due to one reason or the other. I want to introduce you to somebody who is not only reliable but very RELIABLE. He never fails, he is never late, he is all doing and doing all what you ask from him. This is the man you have to tag with in all you do. He is called JESUS CHRIST. He is the ruler and owner of the world so if you tag with him you know your family life business and friends are well secured. he is always ready to tag with us for life; so it is now your choice to tag with him. Join him and the two of you will be greater than one. Make the wise decision and tag with JESUS CHRIST. He is never failing and has never failed. You will not be the first person he fails. 
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