Saturday, October 17, 2015


Many people are held captive today by some sitiuations because they refuse to think, act, live, and do positive things. They are limited to a scope which is not too good for them and their families. Some people grew up in a humble home not too wealthy and so they too believe that they are going to be poor as well. If you are one of such; i tell you be positive. May be you came from a home that every child has been a sicklin, may be you too were always sick and this has made you to believe that you too will give birth to children who are sicklin and they will waste your money. I tell you now be positive. I am telling you this from an experience i have had. I grew up in a very romote and local town in the armpit of africa. Everybody around me was either very poor very sick or very dirty and always looking shabby. This persisted for some time up till the point where i refused to belong to that category; i change my mindset and developed a  very positive mind set. I became very positive. Due to that decission i took some years back, today i am diistinct among the many; i am clean, always in good health and i can say i am clearly a difference because i can speak english, give teaching and counsel to many people now.  I have many people who are looking up to me now for advice help and much more. My friend, whatever you are doing from now you can use that to be a reccord setter. You can choose to be positive, change your mindset and start setting reccords that many will struggle to break. If you are becoming weary and defeated because of a reccord some one created and you see it imposible to break; i say no. Change your mind set and start beign positive. To  efficiently do this you need help from articles like this and you need the supreme beign; that is the one and only; T.JESUS CHRIST He is all you need to break that reccord that is tormenting you in the mind, he is all you need to set that reccord that will cause others after you to work. Believe me JESUS CHRIST is all you need. put him in your life all you start beign positve. Iand many others are a proof of this truth.

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